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President Trump's Tax Law News & Updates 

March 24, 2017 

Update #1: Trump, House GOP Leaders Propose Repeal of ACA Taxes 


March 31, 2017 

Update #2Trump, House Shift Focus to Tax Reform After AHCA Vote Cancelled 


April 24, 2017 

Update #3Trump Signs Executive Order Towards Tax Reform


April 26, 2017 

Update #4: Unveiled: Trump's Tax Plan 


April 28, 2017 

Update #5Reactions to President Trump's Tax Proposal 


May 4, 2017 

Update #6: President Trump and House Pass Bill to Repeal Obamacare


May 19, 2017 

Update #7: Witnesses Testify at Congressional Committee Tax Reform Hearing


May 26, 2017 

Update #8: Trump Administration's Budget Proposal Highlights Tax Reform 


June 7, 2017 

Update #9: Officials Discuss Tax Reform


June 12, 2017 

Update #10: Trump and Republican Leaders Meet on Tax Reform 


June 16, 2017 

Update #11: Treasury Secretary Testifies Before Congress


June 23, 2017 

Update #12: House Tax Hearing Focuses on Small Business Burdens


June 27, 2017 

Update #13: Speaker, Commissioner Weigh in on Tax Reform; Senate GOP Releases ACA Replacement Bill


June 30, 2017 

Update #14: Senate Delays Vote on Healthcare Bill


July 14, 2017 

Update #15: Revised Senate Healthcare Bill Retains Obamacare Taxes


June 21, 2017 

Update #16: Senate to Try Again After ACA Repeal Fails; Other Tax Reform Efforts Continue


June 27, 2017 

Update #17: Senate Defeats ACA Replacement Bills; Tax Outlook Uncertain


August 7, 2017 

Update #18: Tax Reform Developments Continue





More News Updates: 


What You Need to Know about New York State Paid Family Leave

New York has joined California, Rhode Island, and New Jersey in requiring employers to obtain Paid Family Leave (PFL) insurance coverage for their employees. PFL allows employees to take paid time off during the first 12 months following the birth, adoption, or...Read More



                                   July 2017


How To Prepare for Next Year's Taxes Right Now

April’s tax deadline has come and gone and you met the filing deadlines (nice job!), but before you put all that behind you, right now is the perfect time to make a plan about how you are going to start preparing for next year.Here are some tips to consider...Read More




                                 May 2017


Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates to 4%

For the second time in three months, the Federal Reserve increased its benchmark interest rate a quarter of a point, to 4% up from 3.75%.In response to this latest increase, banks have announced that they have increased their prime rate to 4% from 3.75%. This rate increase can...Read More






                              March 15, 2017 


IRS Warns Taxpayers of Potential Tax Scams

In recent years, thousands of people have lost millions of dollars and their personal information to tax scams and fake IRS communications. It is important to know that the IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels to request personal or financial information. In addition, the IRS does not threaten taxpayers with lawsuits, imprisonment or other enforcement action. Knowing this will make you aware of phishing or a tax scam that could prevent you or a family member from tax fraud or identity theft....Read More



                             January 19, 2017 


How Do I Know What Records to Discard?

A new year may find a number of individuals with the pressing urge to take stock, clean house and become a bit more organized. With such a desire to declutter, a taxpayer may want to undergo a housecleaning of documents, receipts and papers that he or she may have stored over the years in the event of an IRS audit. Year to year, fears of an audit for claims for tax deductions, allowances and credits may have led to the accumulation of a number of tax related documents—many of which may no longer need to be kept...Read More


                            January 19, 2017 



NYSDOL New Wage Order Goes Into Effect, as of December 31, 2016

On December 29, 2016, the New York State Department of Labor (“NYSDOL”) adopted its proposed rule increasing overtime exempt salary thresholds for New York employees. The new rule went into effect on December 31, 2016. The NYSDOL made no changes to the version of...Read More




                          January 3, 2017 




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